Friday, July 1, 2011

Our choices define who we are.

At times I find it a real challenge being a parent/mentor not only to my own children but to all the youth that need guidance and a positive influence. I am a believer in the philosophy that it takes a village to raise our youth, and that a parent can only influence so much. The world around us has a way of influencing our youth, sometimes for the better, sometime for worse. We can't place our children in bubbles. The only thing we can do is to talk to them honestly, give them guidance, expect them to live up to their potential, and learn to make choices that will take them further in life. I wish that when I was in my youth a caring adult would have pulled me aside and explained that life is made up of choices. Each choice we make comes with a consequence. Nobody can make the choice for us, nor can they force us into making the choice. When making the choices in life we have to take responsibility for the outcome. Both good, and bad. Always keep in mind that these choices will eventually define who we are. 

A friend posted this  link to his page awhile back and it has resinated with me ever since. Looking beyond who produced the commercial, It visually and eloquently illustrates the parallels of how powerful our choices define us, exactly what I think each young person needs to see and hear. 

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