Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art Journaling Magazine Summer 2011

I am so thrilled and honored to announce that my 2010-11 journal is featured in the summer issue of Art Journaling Magazine!!

Way back in Jan. of 2010 I wrote out my artistic goals for the year and the very last goal was to submit my book to Somerset for consideration. I truly took a leap of faith on this goal, as I knew it would be months and months before I heard anything. Not to mention sending my book away into the unknown and hoping that we would be united again... someday. So far it has been 6 months... I have to be honest, I have missed my journal more than I ever imagined. I know it is in good hands though and we will be reunited very soon.

It was a very happy day when I came home, from a long emotional day at the hospital with my father, to find waiting for me in my inbox an email from Somerset congratulating me on being chosen as one of the featured artists. To be quite honest I was surprised, as i thought for sure my "style" of visual journaling wasn't what Somerset was looking for, as my style is quite different from most of the visual journaling artists i have met and seen published in books. What thrilled me even more was that they spent some time looking through my book and hand picked the pages that were published, which were quite different from what I had originally suggested. My article was primarily focused on my trip to the Oregon coast and all the pages that coincided with that trip. Now that I see the article and the chosen images I am very pleased with the finished publication.

Not having my main journal at hand over the past 6 months has forced me to work on other artist books. Such as my "Book of Dreams", "Widow Maker", and a new one i have started "Craters of the Moon." I'll post new pages from these soon. :)

Hurry, these magazines are on shelves now and wont last long!! Pick yours up today at your local bookstore (I know Barnes and Noble carry them) or order your copy on-line at  Somerset .


Claire said...

congratulations!! i'll have to find a copy in the UK... :)

Jessica said...

I got mine last week and was so excited to see your article. Congrats Lisa!

marianne said...

congrats lisa! very cool, and very inspiring- will have to find a copy!

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Hi Claire,
If you can't locate a copy near you, just click on the icon image of the publication on my home page. You can order directly from the publisher. ;)

Thanks Jessica! Hope to see you at Journalfest this year!

Thanks Marianne!!! :)

Photocat said...

I was drooling over your art in the magazine. I found your website by accident and recognized the Crater Lake drawing. They do have the magazine at Art from the Heart in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK... I got mine there. You can find them online!
It's so magical to browse through your flickr pages and enjoy the lovely drawings and writings. You so deserve to be in the magazine!

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Awww... thanks so much ;) glad to see you found my little blog and have been able to enjoy my flickr stream. Hope to see you around here again.

kass hall said...

Lisa when I opened my copy, I recognised your work immediately. In about 2 weeks I will know for sure if I am coming to Journalfest and I have planned which classes to take around taking yours on the third day - I'll know for sure soon. There are so many wonderful journallers out there whose talent thrills me, but it is YOUR work that speaks to me most and so YOUR class I simply MUST take!! Congrats on getting into the magazine - a dream of mine one day too.

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Hi Kass!
Thank you for the kind support =)
I do hope that you are able to experience Journalfest first hand. It is an experience that you will never forget! I also hope all works out and we get to meet face to face in a few short months!!

Dana said...

Congrats!! This is truly spectacular!!

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