Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Studio Open for the weekend.

2010 Creative Goals: Apply to BOSCO: CHECK
I had an amazingly good week last week. The long awaited Boise Open Studios event finally arrived.
To kick off the event we had a reception and showing of all the participating artist's recent work.

I was thrilled to be in a show with my painting mentor from college, John Killmaster. He taught me so much about painting and seeing the world around me with a new set of eyes.

Dave and I worked very hard trying to get the yard whipped into shape to welcome all our visitors, and my studio needed some sprucing up just to physically allow folks to wonder in and sit a spell. Since my studio is so small we thought it best to set up a refreshment table outside.

Overall, the weekend was tremendous fun. I saw many good friends and met many future friends. The flow through the studio was steady and we only had about a 20min lull on Saturday. And I even sold some artwork! I am looking forward to opening my studio again the first weekend in October. I hope to see many more people that weren't able to make it out this weekend. Thank you ALL who came to the reception and/or to visit my studio. I'm hoping that by Oct. my studio will have doubled in size! I need to make a new home for my 30" wide etching press and small letterpress!

 Currently, my press is living with it's father and brother in Idaho Falls. Soon it will move to it's new home in Boise!


Karen Blados said...

Congratulations on a what sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm so happy for you and you deserve the good fortune. Just wish I was closer, darn it!

Jayne said...

Hello Lisa! Came by via Sally Annie Magundy's blog. :)

Congratulations on the show, and the sales! And my heart leapt when I saw your press - I used to study illustration at University and did some of my favourite work on a press, but as soon as I left Uni that was the last time I ever used one, oh I miss it so. How lovely to see yours! I've signed up to be a follower, and look forward to seeing what marvellous things you do with it!

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Wish you were closer too Karen!! Someday...someday... :)

Welcome Jayne!
I fell in love with printing back in my Senior year of college too. That was almost 15 years ago. I'd love to go and take some classes again, the workshops that I've taken have sure helped. I feel more than blessed to have my dad make me a press of my very own. I am counting down the days until it arrives. Whoo hoo!!

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