Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Featuring Magazine!

Back in March I was contacted by a beautiful and kind soul, Marit Barentsen, the Editor in Chief for Featuring Magazine. She kindly asked if I would be interested in an interview about my Visual Journaling artwork. Of course I was honored and thrilled to be contacted by Marit, but also a bit nervous. All the interviews and past articles I have had published have been about my daily or travel visual journals, all of which contain art and sketches of the world around me and how I see the external world. All of which is pretty safe. However, Marit was more interested in the artwork from my other journals. The journals that I express my inner views, struggles, questions, and raw soulful work, both my Book of Dreams and more recently After The Storm journals. (I'll be posting the After The Storm journal here very soon.)

Her questions were very thought provoking and truly made me dig down to find the authentic answers. Questions such as, "What excites you when you draw? Do you have a favorite subject that you love to draw or paint?" or "When you look at your work in your first art journals and compare it to today's pages, there have been changes in style. Can you reflect on that?" I find the act of sitting down to write about the work in my journals actually stirs up all kinds of "stuff". Which is exactly what happened as I sat down (on multiple occasions) to answer the questions given to me. It was hard to open up and be honest with both the readers and myself. But also very rewarding. At first I froze up. Then I went through a whirl wind of getting some long over due soulwork onto my pages. I ended up hibernating for a few weeks. All the while, Marit was patient and supportive as I took my time to answer her questions. The article she wrote was beautifully written and crafted together. I am humbled and honored that she and her staff wanted to learn more about my life journey through my visual journals. I am looking forward to receiving my copy and to see and read about all the other contributing artists!!

Flip through some of the pages in the magazine preview here!!

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Featuring Magazine: Art Journaling, Mixed Media, and More

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