Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"swarming of small people"

Acrylic & Ink
from the Book of Dreams Journal
dreamt on 8/20/11

More from the Book of Dreams journal... I have a couple more to work on before I am caught up. :)
This was an unusual dream for me, I never dream about swarms of insects....however, recently I've had dreams of zombies,  tornados and swarming insects...gosh, my subconscious is really trying to tell me something. Just need to figure it all out during my wakeful moments.


sherrie drummond said...

loving your dream journal! do you mind if I ask a question? do you paint from the actual memory of the dream or do you use photographs to help with details for the paintings? i'm always amazed by the amount of details in your journals. {{hugs}} sherrie

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Hi Sherrie :)
my process varies... i often take my own photos as reference, or find pieces and parts of others photos that feel like the dream just so perspectives don't become too far out of wack.. but i alter them quite a bit to make the over all image feel like the dream. This particular one I stayed fairly close to the photo, changing colors and such too feel more like my dream, but this one was more about the process of painting than anything else. Does that make sense?

Roni said...

I have been looking for art journal blogs (new and updated ones that is) for at least an hour. I have to say, I was about to stop until this one! I love this bee. Love the bleeding pages and the saturated color. Hope all is well and happy art-making.

sherrie drummond said...

Hi Lisa, thanks so much for sharing. {{hugs}}

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