Monday, August 22, 2011

sneak peek

A little sneak peek as to what has been going on in the studio this past weekend... little limited editions from my Book of Dreams journal. Just a few of the items I'll be selling during October's Open Studios event and at Journalfest in Port Townsend.  :)

Over the years, I have had inquires about reproductions of my journal pages. I've always shied away from reproduction prints, partially because I've felt that they don't have the same quality as the original. That being said I also rarely sell my originals. Even more so, the thought of mass reproductions seem to fire up an internal struggle I have between being both a graphic designer and a fine artist. I view the art I create as a graphic designer is meant for the mass population. It isn't about me... ultimately, it is for the client and the product/service they are selling in huge quantities. The art I create in my journals is for me. I choose to share it and get great pleasure in knowing that there are other like minded souls out there who relate to the art hidden away in my journals. My most treasured days are the ones when I hear from an individual that has had a profound reaction to these images.

This weekend I came up with a compromise. Limited edition hand crafted reproductions of some of my favorites images. If there is an image I've created that resinates with you, please let me know. I may be taking special orders after October. ;)

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