Tuesday, March 15, 2011


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The past 5 days have changed my life dramatically... I am the ultimate "daddy's girl" having 4 brothers and no sisters. He has been my cheering squad, mentor, friend, shoulder to lean on and cry on, and I love him to the depths of my soul. 

I wrote this a few years back.

In a way this is a portrait of my father and I. He was a mechanic when I was growing up. When I was very young his work fascinated me and he couldn't keep me out of his shop (which was a huge building behind our house that could fit three semitrucks in it at the same time.) He allowed me to use most all his tools, even at a very young age. I loved making things with him and watching him work.

When I was a teen, I became quite embarrassed by the profession of my father. All my friends parents were "important people" like doctors or lawyers and such... we always had peoples broken down trucks and engine parts laying around our driveways. Our house was still in the process of being remodeled the whole time I was a teen (dad was working on this in his spare time most weekends and some evenings). So in my young arrogant mind, our house didn't measure up to my friends homes.


When I became a young adult I realized how hard my father works. The multitude of talents he possesses. The pure joy and love he has in creating and making objects and machinery work. This is not a trait all men have as I once believed. I now love to see him in his coveralls, cap, steel toed leather boots, and with his stained fingernails (from all the hours of working). He is very patient and enjoys teaching my husband how to do new things. (Like plumbing, wiring, framing and sheet rocking... )
My dad is a gem.

A few weeks ago I printed my first collagraph print on the press daddy built for me. I was so thrilled at how beautiful the press worked and couldn't wait to show dad the preliminary proof. I scanned in the print and emailed it to him. He liked it, but said "It's a little sad though." At the time I felt a twinge of guilt, as I had promised daddy that my first print would be for him (something to do with antique cars). But I have a print exchange coming up and I really wanted to do this image for the exchange. It will have a quote about tears being a strength not a weakness.

However, driving home Sunday night I realized unbeknown to me I had made my first print for him.



Kay said...


Your daddy sounds like an absolutely special person and I am so sorry that he is so ill. What a tribute your art and writings are to him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this stressful time. Kay

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

So very sorry it has taken so long to reply, as you can imagine life has been a whirl wind around here. Thank you for your very thoughtful note and especially for the prayers, they were heard and daddy is doing amazingly well. Still a long road of therapy, but he is our miracle patient.


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