Thursday, November 4, 2010

watercolor kit

watercolor kit
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I love this traveling kit. As it has extra pull out pallet for more space to mix colors. Over the years I have added more colors to the pallets with Winsor & Newton paints from the tube.


Lauri and Poppy said...

Hi, Lisa. I learned SO much at Journalfest. I hope I can take another class from you one day. I looked for your watercolor kit and I found it at for 24.99. Here is the item number in case anyone else is interested: Item #: 0390374 Winsor & Newton Cotman Field Plus Watercolor Travel Set
Thanks, again. Lauri

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Hi Lauri!!!
So good to hear from you =)
Yes, Journalfest was amazing this year (again) I am pumped up this renewed energy and creative juices. I honestly wish I could go to a retreat like that every few months. ;)
I am toying around with proposing to teach the class you took again next year, and another more advanced drawing class for those that want it.

THANK YOU for researching the watercolor kit! I had a tough time awhile back finding a source that still carried it. I did happen to see it at Daniel Smith's while I was there, but it was quite a bit more $.

Thank you again dear! I hope our paths cross again in the near future!

BTW: I'll be posting pics from Journalfest soon, along with a pic of Teesha with the amazing portrait the class did of her. She was SO thrilled!

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