Thursday, November 4, 2010


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Over the years I have had folks inquiring about what tools/mediums I use in my visual journals. Thought I would share a bit, basically I start drawing with a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (usually no pencil, just jumping in feet first with the ink), then I apply color with my Winsor & Newton watercolor traveling kit, and finally I punch up colors and add details with Prisma Color Pencils. (not shown here)


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I just wrote on flicker. Will you ever have an on-line journal class for those of us who cant come to a class? I have loved your pages for so long and the way you design them it would be wonderful if you can do so. In the mean time can you please have info on how to do pages ect? Im teaching myself to draw and paint and have trouble with page layouts ect.
Thank you so for your time,
It was wonderful what your dad made for you:)

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Hi Linda!!
I have seriously been toying with the idea of offering on-line classes. There are a lot of technical hurtles to overcome on my end, which is sad due to the fact that I am a graphic designer by trait. I usually leave all the programing issues up to the programing experts. Regardless, I am adding this to my 2011 goals.

I am honored that you, and many of my other on-line friends, enjoy my art and are requesting classes. I will see what I can do to make it a reality!!! ;-) Please keep in touch, and I'll see what I can do to give you some pointers.

Yes, my dad is truly one of a kind. I love and admire him more than he will ever know.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, Thank you so for this wonderful news. Ill be waiting happly for this to come. Iknow it will be alot of time to do so but I feel there's alot of us who are in the same boat they want to come to a class but cant. I know with myself I cant afford such If there was anyway I could help to make this process easier I would gladly do so. In the mean time my dear Ill come often and enjoy this blog.
Have a wonderful holidays that are coming UPON US,

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