Monday, April 5, 2010

visison of new studio space dances in my head.

5 years ago (wow, has it already been 5 years) we moved into our beautiful 1940 clinker brick home. I was thrilled to finally have a studio office space all to my own. No more spare bedrooms hidden away in the basement, dinning room tables buried under stacks of my art crap, and card tables randomly placed in the middle of the livingroom.... no more clients feeling awkward as they navigate through my home to meet in my "office". Now they can drive right up to my door! 

5 years ago, we gutted and remodeled the 1970's decor office space into my current office studio. I love having a space that is so close to the house, yet still feels like I am at work as soon as I enter the door.

I have felt guilty every time I've daydreamed about having a larger studio that could hold my letterpress and type all in one room, or to actually have a real painting studio rather than the makeshift easel that I drag from sunny spot to sunny spot. Oh yes, I say guilt because my husband does not have a place to call his own. Where as I do. As a matter of fact, technically I have just about all of the house. So, all this time I have coveted my office/studio and have been grateful to have it. All the while keeping my daydreams to myself.

Now after only 5 short years I have visions of more studio space dancing through my head. For Dave has been talking about converting the entire garage into my studio. (Currently I occupy 1/2 of the downstairs) The other half of the garage could be converted into my print studio, the current space would stay my design studio, and the upstairs would be converted into my painting studio with multiple sky lights..... pinch me, I must be dreaming?


Anonymous said...

Lisa how wonderful. Im just starting my art journey and love your work so. Since i'm on my own here for learning what style are your drawing(and by the way there beautiful) page lay outssize of journals ect. If you have the time I would love to get some advice from you;
Have a great Day I really enjoy your pages so,

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Thanks Linda :)
Oh you are in for a wonderful journey! My visual journals have changed my life in so many ways. All for the better. My process is such: 99% of the time I do not use a pencil in my journal just to force myself to loosen up. I use a Gaber-Castell PITT pen, small tip to sketch those things that inspire me. Then I color the drawings with watercolor and colored pencil. However, the beauty of your journal is that it is a safe place to experiment and play. No rules are attached and it is ultimately just for you. Up until this year I have worked in a 7"x7" plane ol' black hardcover sketchbook. This year I made my own book, with nicer paper. It is larger so it takes more time to complete a page, but I am enjoying the challenges it brings.

I have a tendency to focus on the small details of of an object so I enlarge it and allow edges to be cropped off. I also have a tendency to ramble, so I don't always give myself too much room to write. ;-)

If you have any more questions I'd be happy to share more. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the process!


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