Friday, March 12, 2010

v-day gifts

as much as I loved the awesome cake pedestal (which I REALLY wanted btw) the series of notes along the edge are what melted my heart.

It began with Alex, my son, asking me to go to my room... ummm... ok. 15 mins later I receive a phone call from "Bob"....
"hello?" , "Hi, this is 'Bob'." , "Hi Bob", "Please go to the dining room and look out your window." , "Why? What is outside?", "Just do as your told, please. Good-bye", "Good-bye 'Bob'."

Taped to the dining room window is the first note, "Go to the mailbox." which I did of course. Next note. "Go to the T.V."... "Go downstairs, were the computer is"... "Go into your office"....

See next page for the conclusion. :)

Conclusion: there standing in the middle of my office is my 10 year old boy, looking shy and nervous about my reaction to his gift, holding this note. Oh boy did my heart melt, A LOT.

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