Monday, March 8, 2010

SketchCrawl, Boise Idaho

For years I have wanted to participate in the International SketchCrawl event. Well, it finally happened!

Feb. 27th marked the first SketchCrawl Boise has seen in many years. I have wanted to participate in an International SketchCrawl for many years. This year I decided to start a Boise group.My hope is to see Boise artists from multiple disciplines come together on a specific day each season and bond. I want to see painters, printmakers, graphic designers, illustrators, sculptors and photographers all documenting the world around them in their own unique ways. I want to feel the collective energy from all these like minded souls.

The group was small and intimate, with 3 artists meeting up at the newly remodeled State Capitol House. We explored, learned some of our city's history, and sketched.... then moved on down the road to 8th Street to have lunch, sketch and talk about the morning. After lunch two of us explored the ally ways downtown and discovered some wonderful graffiti art on the old brick walls.


I'll be posting more sketches from the day very soon. 


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