Thursday, February 4, 2010

My 2010 Visual Journal is finally done!

It is the beginning of February and I have finally finished binding my new journal. This is the first year I have had a handmade journal to work in. I made it larger than what I've used in the past. I like the paper (140# hot-press), but it will take some getting used to since it has a lot more tooth than the smooth drawing paper that I've become accustomed to. I'm also going to have to get used to the larger size. I have a feeling that the illustrations may take me longer than usual... or else I'll have to loosen up even more to speed up the process. This should be an interesting year of experimentation.

It is hard to see from any of these photos, but the 1st and last 3 signatures are wrapped with the same antique looking blue/teal floral paper that are used for the end-pages which sets off the blue/teal shadows in the clown on the cover. The two middle signatures were left white.



Binding: a version of the french twist plus a coptic headband, the corduroy ribbons are sandwiched between two book boards which I love because it gives the covers a nice hefty feel. 


closure detail ~ hand crocheted and then braided 

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