Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"true gem" & the V-day chopper

"true gem" & the V-day chopper
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Graphite - Everyday Matters #32 draw something metallic

Dave is a very practical man at times. Yes he would have gotten me flowers or candy, however if given the choice between this food chopper or flowers/candy...I choose the food chopper. We used to have a gadget like this, however in the move it became lost. I have missed it ever since. While on our night-out-together last week, we came across this brushed stainless steel chopper. I was ooooo(ing) and ahhhhh(ing) it but everything in that store was so expensive we just moved on. Dave took off work early yesterday and went shopping to get the kids and I gifts. I thought it was so sweet that he remembered that I wanted this silly little chopper. :)

The drawings of Hailey and Alex can be found further back in my stream.

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