Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Go Broncos!

Go Broncos!
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Pitt Pen & watercolor... Everyday matters #58 draw a hat,cap or other headgear
& Everybody Draw This group

Dave's Bronco gear he got for Christmas. The water coloring on this pretty much sucks... but I thought it would need a bit of the Orange and Blue. That and I wanted to try out my new Pitt pens, wasn't to sure if they were really "waterproof" like they indicated. (They are. Yippee)

Anyway, those that know me well know that I am far from being a sports fan... however Dave enjoys rooting for the home town team (and our college team at that). So when we had the evening to ourselves and he wanted to watch the Fiesta Bowl, I thought I had better hang out with him. So plopping down on the couch, I surrounded myself with sketchbook, pencils, pens... for an evening of drawing. Very quickly though I got hooked on the game. We were actually jumping up and yelling and hollering (quite a sight I am sure) Through out the game Dave had to explain a lot of the rules to me, and at the end of the game Dave thought it was over. I kept saying, but they still have 30 seconds to go....and then BAM touchdown! Man, if all games where actually that fun to watch I might consider becoming a sports enthusiast....maybe. I thought it was just as fun to watch the hometown reporters showing downtown Boise and all our fans in the streets for hours after the game.

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