Thursday, September 18, 2014

Art is messy... Anyone up for a game of "I Spy"?

It has been some time since I've written a post for my blog. A very long time. I sit here thinking about the past few months, "What has kept me preoccupied?" "Why haven't I been connecting with myself here, in this space, or in my books?" Well I am still mulling those questions around in my head. The good news is I am starting to make art again. And it feels WONDERFUL!

My studio as a general rule isn't spic-n-span however I am usually mortified when someone "pops over" just to say hello unannounced. The voice in my head shouts, "You are such a SLOB! Nobody wants to see your studio looking like THIS!" and I end up apologizing for my messes. However, during my recent whirlwind of creativeness I took this picture late one night of my studio and  posted it on my FB page. Interestingly, and surprising to me, I'm not the only one with a "messy" studio. Afterwards, I started actually inviting friends over without picking up first and they all loved me just the same, and my studio even more than before.

So, today I take pics of what my current world is like... after weeks of preparing for my solo exhibit (more to come on that next) and a week of unburying myself from emails and freelance work. I must say I am ready to tidy up now that I'm having a tough time finding things, and I am hoping my lost set of car keys are somewhere in here.

Left side
workspace counter
right side and back wall... ugh my "design" area has
been overrun with mounds of paper!

So Seth, Here's to you!! We were in the same mindset and I didn't even know until today... ;-)

I actually cleaned up my encaustic palette in
preparation for working on a new piece.

containers for supplies...that are missing their
supplies, somewhere else on the counter
getting caught up on my freelance design jobs!

See that mound of "stuff" on the floor? Yeah, that is wax.
My floor is now covered in wax that needs to be scraped off. 
Coffee helps. A Lot. 


Dog-Ma said...

Coffee and clutter, it's how I roll too! Love your lonely supply baskets looking longingly at their innards spread out on various tables!

Gallery Juana said...

Great photos and fun tour of your art space! And I love how artist work tables seem to have their own character. Hopping over from Seth's blog hop.

My View From The Middle said...

Just found your blog in An IllustratedJourney. My husband found it in the Idaho falls library. He is an artist and I am a blogger. Fun reading your blog and we both like your work. You have a busy a productive life. Keep blogging and creating.

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