Monday, September 16, 2013

Postcards From Paris!!

In my last post I shared with you my dream of visiting Paris and Southern France. This is a a trip I have dreamt of since my early college years, a trip I never thought I would actually get to experience. Now that it is a reality and I will be stepping into this adventure in a few short days, I want to share with you what I have been working on to make this trip even more inspiring!

What I wish for is, to take you with me! I want to share this dream with all those that have supported me emotionally, creativity, personally, and professionally. I wouldn't be the woman/artist that I am without the loving support of ... my "tribe" ~ my people, my "ones" that keep me afloat in all areas of my life. All of you who have sent me words of encouragement and thanks. All of you who have seen me through my hills of joy and valleys of sorrow. Yes, you are my "tribe" and I feel blessed knowing that you are with me.

As many of you know, I almost never sell my original artwork. Mostly because the majority of the work I do is in my sacred journals, books that I couldn't fathom parting with. On occasion I offer up handmade reproductions of work from my journals, but never the originals. What original art I have sold is few and far between. It is still difficult for me to release my "babies" into the world to live in others' homes. They are so personal and hold a very real piece of me in them. Happily today, I am learning to release my grip and allow a few of these vulnerable ones to fly. The only way I know how to give a piece of myself is through my art. So I am offering my "Postcards from Paris" to you all. I know they each will carry a token of my gratitude and love in them, my offerings for you.

Sample "Postcard from Paris" ~ Front
Limited Edition "Postcards from Paris" Set in a collector's tin

I am so excited to share my long held dream with you! Thrilled to share my journey with you! I will be leaving for France on Friday, Sept. 20 (in just a few short days!), where I will stay in Paris for a week and then travel down to Southern France for a week with two amazing women/artists. During that time, I will be sketching, painting, journaling, and creating original artwork to share with you!

While traveling it will be easiest to take you with me via Facebook. 
So, I have set up a new FB page Here I will post ongoing images of our journey while in France. You will see me working on the original 12 "Postcards from Paris";  images of your personalized "Passport To France" as it travels with me over the next few weeks (but you must be quick, these are only available for the next few days); Also see the views that inspire me, take my breath away, and make me wish I could hunker down and spend months instead of days in the surroundings. Upon my return, I will continue to work on original art as my continued dream is to have all the original work together in a solo exhibit. On the Facebook page,  I will set up individual albums for the "Postcards from Paris" art, the "Original Art inspired by France," and images from my France Visual Journals so that you all can view the work online as it is happening.

Get Your "Passport to France" before the plane whisks me away!
Check the Facebook Page for images of your passport traveling through France

Finally! I have set up my Etsy account and have listed all the pledge levels and what each one offers. 

I know the next few days are going to be hectic as I pack and prepare for our journey, so keep touch through the Facebook "Postcards from Paris" page.
Sending you all lots of love from the heart!
~ Lisa

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