Friday, February 8, 2013

To Save a Life - of a petrified paint brush

A few months back I posted this pic of one of my brushes, forgotten, dried up, stuck to the bottom of the water container, ruined... Sadly I don't always take care of my brushes when I am in a creative mood.

The same fate fell on my favorite brush I used for creating my textured backgrounds. I couldn't bare to throw it way, thankfully! I came across a tip on how to save petrified brushes... Soak them in Murphy Oil Soap! I soaked this one for over a week, slowly easing the bristles apart, soaking more... And look!!! She is good as new!!!

I was skeptical for sure. Especially since the tip said to soak overnight to remove acrylic paint from brushes, overnight didn't do a thing. But slowly, bit by bit the bristles started to loosen up! Soaked a few more days and scrubbed the last of the gel medium from the bristles and look! YAY!!


Sandi said...

Oh I hate it when my brushes go unforgotten, I will tuck that fabulous tip under my hat, thanks, hugs

Marit said...

Lisa, I cannot seem to find your email address... could you email me at please? Thanks, Marit

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