Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Portrait Party

While browsing through my Flickr contacts I spent some time with one of my favorite artist/illustrator/teachers of all time.  Rama Hughes. He inspires me more than words can describe. How I wish I would have had an art teacher like him when I was younger! How I wish my kids had an art teacher like him!! The children he teaches each day have no clue (or maybe some do) how very fortunate they are. I have asked Rama if he plans on making a book that includes his lesson plans for other teachers. I love how open he is with his class projects and how obviously proud he is of his students. My heart smiles when ever I hear how he has finally convinced a reluctant student to love art as much as he does. 

One of the projects he worked with his student on was to draw themselves as how they might look in a 100 years. This is Rama's example for his class. I think this would be a very interesting one to try myself. the portrait party by rama hughes.

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