Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"for better, for worse"

 "for better, for worse"
8"x8" deep edge canvas
mixed medium - collage, acrylic, image transfer

This is the 4th year I have donated a piece of art to the local Valentine for Aids Silent Art Auction which benefits SNAP (Safety Net For Aids Program). I enjoy coming up with a "Valentine" themed piece of art, I enjoy seeing all the other "valentines" created by local artists, I enjoy knowing that my little piece of art was bid on and bought with love, but this year is a bit different... this year I didn't really want to let it go. It was personal... whispering thoughts from my core...holding symbols, ideals, needs and yearnings... things that the future owner will never know or understand. I will be making another, for me.

The following are past years donated art:

"the hearts wishes"
8"x12" hand-bound photo album
mixed medium 

"fly away home"
4"x5"x2" hand-bound photo album
mixed medium - hand-made paper, letterpress, linocut
mixed medium - india ink, watercolor, colored pencil, graphite

Yes, I am aware that I have included birds every year for this event. I haven't figured out exactly what all my personal symbolism is, but having a bird reference in general seems to be abundant in a lot of my personal art.


Anonymous said...

Your art work is amazing. I would love to take your Learning to See drawing class, but not sure I can get to Journalfest this year. Do you teach it elsewhere? Would you ever consider putting in a proposal to teach at Art Unraveled in Phoenix in Aug. 2012? That would be awesome! Kay in Phx area

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

thank you Kay =)
I have looked at the Art Unraveled site and didn't see anything for teachers, so I will send them a note to get more info. :) It would be fun to teach in Phoenix as well. Aug sounds like it might be a bit warm ;)

Kay said...

It is very hot in August, but everything is air-conditioned. The event hotel is a nice place in Paradise Valley. Linda Young is organizer of the whole event. She would be the one to contact. I will email her and let her know that you might be interested. Thanks.

Kay said...

Lisa, I emailed Linda and she said that she hoped you would apply to come to Art Unraveled in 2012 - she likes your art work. Hope you do decide to do this. Would love to take your drawing/journaling class. Thanks a bunch.

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Thank you Kay =)
I have requested more information from Linda. If all works out we will meet in person sometime soon!

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