Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Formal Dinner party

I still sit in awe at the realization that my baby girl is going to be 13 in a few short weeks. She was just going into kindergarten...wasn't she?

Her two best friends have birthdays during the summer as well, so us moms thought it would be fun to have a combined 13th  birthday party. The girls helped plan it, initially the Mad Hatter tea party was the theme but it morphed into each girl decorating a hat to go with a formal dress. So we moms organized a special dinner, complete with menus, and decorated my patio to look like a little french bistro...complete with a candle lite chandler, twinkly lights, and billowing curtains.

The girls each dress up in their new formal dresses, hats of their choice and heals. We helped the girls do their hair and makeup and when they all arrived we escorted them to their table.

Here Kimo (one of the dads) is serving the first course of the 6 course meal!! The girls loved every moment! 

After dinner was over their other friends, who arrived during dessert and had to wait in the "parlor" until dinner was over, where brought to the restaurant for cake. After the all that fun and it started getting dark the girls changed clothes and they all play flashlight hide/seek/tag until midnight. It was a great party and so much fun!!

Happy 13th Birthday to my sweet Hailey and her best friends!!
These girls are awesome!!


chel said...

What an AMAZING idea and an amazing party. I am definitely keeping this in mind for my own daughter (she's only 4, but she loves to dress up and LOVES Alice in Wonderland.)

Thank you for sharing this!

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Oh you SHOULD do this! The girls Love to dress up at all ages and my daughter (for the first time in AGES) thanked me over and over for such a wonderful party.

Good luck and enjoy!!

Serena said...

Hi Lisa,

What an awesome party and the girls look absolutely fabulous!

Btw, I 'follow' your work on Flickr but only just discovered you had a blog today....via Sandy's blog.

Sandy said...

Great idea and if I had a daughter and if she had a birthday I would think this would be perfect.

By the way love your art.

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Hi Serena and Sandy!
Welcome to my little blog. I've just recently started actually posting more to my blog. Flickr and Facebook only gives snippets into my brain...at least here I can ramble without being cut off by a limited word count...not sure if that is a good thing or not. LOL.

thank you both for your kind comments.


pedalpower said...

What a great party and an amazing journal page too.

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