Monday, April 14, 2008

What the ****???

What the ****???
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So after this emotionally charged (and very expensive) meeting with the doctor, we went to the next meeting with lots of questions. Dave pretty much tore into the doctor because he didn't like the attitude the doctor had with us when we were challenging his diagnosis of Alex. We are a little at a lose, on one hand this new med seems to really work wellfor Alex. But we do not like all the stigma crap that goes with it... The doc did have to admit that Alex isn't Bi-Polar but has a mild form of a "mood disorder". (Anyone that knows Alex knows that isn't Bi-Polar and is almost always a happy go lucky kid who is very sensitive to what others say).... Aurgh!! Dave and I are know discussing talking to a different doctor to compare what they think... on the other hand, I REALLY hate having to have him on meds, but I have seen how well he does in all aspects of his life when he is taking is meds....(I experimented this holiday break and took him off the meds to see what would happen...hmm...put him back on his regular schedule three days later.)

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