Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the Old Stone House

the Old Stone House
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Pitt pen, watercolor & colored pencil EDM #29 Draw something Architectural

I am not too pleased with this one because the perspective is all wonky, but at the time i was sketching while my grandmother, (who raised all her children here) and my cousin ( who lived the first 7 years of his life here & and is currently living in the house) were all waiting outside for me to "finish", so I felt a bit rushed... I did take some pics so if I ever want to draw it more accurately I can.. FYI: My Great Great Grand Father built the home in 1909.

I have so many fond memories attached to this home. 4th of July pig roasts and fireworks parties, slumber parties with cousins, but mostly spending time with my aunt Loy while she lived in the home.

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