Tuesday, September 11, 2007

happy Bday mothie

happy Bday mothie
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pen, watercolor, colored pencil

drew him from the pictures I took the night he hatched... here he is as a

BTW: I have a new pupa in a jar. I actually saved the "huge" caterpillar from being a play toy for Angel (the cat). The caterpillar was not too pretty...a dull gray with a creamy white belly. But it had dark purple blotches/spots everywhere his feet protruded. I thought he was hurt, but the cat, because every time I touched him he would flop around as if in pain. So I put him in a jar with some leaves and forgot about him for a day or so. Next time I looked in on him he has sealed/wrapped himself up in a grape leaf. I could hear him wiggling around from time to time so I knew he was still alive. Today, curiosity got the best of me and I opened the leaf up. Inside is a large med gray colored pupa. I wonder if this will be a big moth or a butterfly. He has been in this state for about 21/2 weeks or so...

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