Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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Pitt Pen & watercolor - EDM # 22 Draw a piece of clothing

Who/What the heck is Akela??? I would have thought the same a few months ago. But now that is my name once a week on Thursdays. Akela is the leader of the Pack or Den of Cub Scouts. So, my dilemma of where to take Alex for Cub Scouts was solved when Dave's Bishop asked me to be the Den Leader for their Wolves. He also asked Dave to be the Pack Leader (translation- Lisa will also take on a LOT of the Pack Leader's responsibilities...) Good Grief, it has been sucking up most of my free time over the past few months. There is so much planning, and training, and planning, and patience, and planning, and kicking parents butts to work with their boys, and planning..... I think you get the picture.... but I keep telling myself that it is all good for Alex and me....

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