Sunday, August 26, 2007

Music From Around the World

Music From Around the World
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Pitt pen & watercolor

These were the big posters the kids made to hang on the wall behind the singers and musicians. It really was an impressive performance. Funny thing that happened though...I went early to get a good seat in front. Some of the kids from Hailey's class were there setting up. They were very excited and I asked them which side of the room their class was going to be. They told me on the right hand side, so that is were I sat. When the performance started the band and orchestra came in first (which included the children I had spoken to) and they all filed in on the right hand side.... Then they all left stage and the rest of the school came in, including Hailey's class, on the left hand side. =D I think the kids I spoke to were just so excited about their performance at the beginning that they forgot about the singing part and being on the other side of the room. Worked out fine though, Hailey and her class were in a clear shot for pictures and such from where we were sitting.

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