Sunday, August 26, 2007

love/hate relationship

love/hate relationship
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Pitt pen, watercolor, very old wallpaper

"The Jorgensen's are at it again. They always have some remodeling project going on"

My antisocial husband, Dave, has requested a Huge birthday bash at the end of this month. We are hiring the Fire Kittens to perform. It is going to be a lot of fun. However, most of the people coming have never seen our 67 year old home. Most of the walls are wallpapered, painted, wallpapered again and then painted again. My goal this winter was to get the paper off the living room and dining room walls, a job I hadn't even started until Thursday night. It is coming off faster than I expected. but we have to have the job done by this Thursday because my mother and brother are coming to town to help texture the old plaster walls. That gives me another 4-5 days to paint and get the house back together before we leave on our annual camping trip to Hell's Canyon.... Yikes!!

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