Thursday, June 14, 2007


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Scratch Board - by Hailey (9 yrs old)

Taught Pos/Neg space to Hailey's class using scratch board. (thanks to the idea from my flickr friend, Yelnoc!) The class did really well. Most were able to see the negative space by the time we were done. I was proud of Hailey's attempt. She really understood the concept and was one of the only kids that actually drew her's large enough to fill the board. I also had the class practice drawing contours of their hands. I was surprised to see Hailey's. She didn't realize she was doing this, but her hand looked as if it were foreshortened. To me that was very exciting, it tells me that she was really looking at the shape and drawing what her eyes were seeing rather than what her head was telling her what she should be seeing. :) :) :)

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