Thursday, June 14, 2007

date night.

date night.
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Dates with my son are always special nights. :) The waiter was really nice, prior to ordering our dinner Alex asked if there was lobster on the kids menu. The waiter said there wasn't but he could look into finding something that would work for Alex. I went ahead and ordered soup for both of us to start with. When the waiter came back, I order the lobster and steak of the regular menu. The waiter quietly said that he would need to charge me separately for the other soup, confused I asked "well doesn't the soup come with the meals?" The waiter said they did, but since we were going to share a meal then he would have to charge us for the other soup...I laughed and told him that I was ordering my own meal and the lobster was for Alex. The waiter's eyebrows shot up and he said, "Well, that is a first! Lucky kid!" I just smiled and said that this was our special date night. Weird thing was, I believe that we still paid for the soups separately. Oh well...

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