Tuesday, March 8, 2016

21 Secrets Spring 2016 ~ Tools and Techniques

Hello dear ones,
It has been an eternity since I've spent time on my blog, not that I haven't been working or creating, just been a bit lost in my life the past while. It has been almost as long since I've taught workshops that weren't local. I've missed sharing with my extended tribe!! So it is with a joyful heart that I announce my brand new workshop "Magic Markers" which is included in the 21 Secrets ~ Tool and Techniques Spring 2016 workshop.

For the past few years I have been experimenting with new ways of using markers in my visual journals and other artwork. Want to learn how I created the artwork below? Then join me in the new 21 Secrets Tools and Techniques workshop. Included in the workshop are detailed videos of the tools and techniques I used to achieve the effects along with two additional marker techniques.

Not only will you receive my workshop, you will also have access to the other 20 workshops in the 21 Secrets collaboration. Registration is open now! Self paced workshops become available April 1st!

"Knock Knock" © Lisa Cheney 2016
Markers and Ink
To Learn more about 21 Secrets, the workshop I am offering, the other amazing teachers and our "secrets to share", and to sign up click here!!

On Sale Now!! Click for more info!

Please note: Each instructor has an individual affiliate link, so when you sign up though my link above, I will get credit for that, which in turn is how I receive payment for working with you during this fantastic workshop. Though, even if you choose to sign up through another instructor's affiliate link, we all benefit from having a full event... we are one big happy family over here!! I look forward to working with you in April!!
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